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Dumbo’s Fall

Dumbo’s Fall explores several plant-based aspects of life in Brooklyn. Pattern’s are present everywhere in existence. Each shot delves into their separate path. Take time to trace spaces with your mind’s eye. Bend the curves. Dodge the lines. Multiply the layers.┬áParts pile upon one another. Piecing together physical solitude. The winter comes crashing forward.


Verses OVAII

Minimally brought to life through the use of a stroke.

The mighty “o” travels far to discover itself.

Two Circles

On Buddha

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Home in the Woods

These shots explore different directions of spaces in the woods.

Short stories live through much more then noted.

Life is a flash changes toward another direction.

Yet life is still life because it is unified to survive.

White Owl, Black Core

Black On Silver

This exhibit examines the dynamic between Black and Silver. Not necessarily perishing in its demise, but growing in itself. Understood through the lens of a contact explorer, Black has been left for days on end of roast and ferment. It is here, it is near. Black dominates the scene as Silver responds to attention.

Scour the land in search of life. Tireless travels across the winded valleys. Fractured skin spreads to the basement’s core while mountainous hills bubble away. In an attempt to understand self, one understands Black. Through focusing on Silver, we find depth in Black.