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Awakening My Captured Freedom

I’d like to announce the release of my book of poetry,

Awakening My Captured Freedom!

Life surely has it’s moment’s and working towards the final product of this book has been a powerful experience. Ive been searching for greater ways of spreading important events and messages to people. Awakening My Captured Freedom is a combination of different scenarios and feelings that people experience. If someone else can relate to an experience, they can come to see one another as an ally instead of a foe. And at least know where they stand.


This book looks at various instances of people in bliss and pain. Often a single experience is a combination of both instances. This creates a complex set of emotions and dialogue. These experiences become interconnected with time and become a pattern. Many people struggle on a daily basis. Depending on the person, the struggle looks different. Bringing attention to a situation could help someone to overcome their struggle.

Regardless of the outcome, decisions are upheld through action and memory. Some decisions I was fortunate enough to be exposed to. Others placed a greater weight on me. I’m sharing experiences that have not completely healed. It’s part of my will to grow and show that many can overcome what lies ahead. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Once you realize the situation.

I want to use this book to highlight struggle and adversity. Sharing stories is an empowering method. You never know the route that a person takes to get where they are. But you can take the time to understand how they got there. People have to know what they are comfortable with handling and constantly look to expand their scope. It may be foreign and difficult being truly empathic of others at times, but keeping an open mind can help heal a broken heart.

This book is a reflection of those emotions that push us into the depth of humanity.

Purchase here: Paperback and Electronic


I Will Create



Red Ball

This gallery contains 16 photos.



Focal Weeds

This gallery contains 5 photos.

At a glance. It’s just some snub. Those things that grubs love to dig in. I begin to comprehend the spin the world takes on these notions. But focused on the needs of the weeds are the things that give … Continue reading


With my head in the clouds…

Loose Words

Something began to stir in my dreams several months ago. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I knew it was time. Enough power had amassed. The powder was loaded. Cheeks were gabbing. Time was flying. Clouds shifted. Internal desires became external manifestations.

Are the words really framed?

Or are the frames made of words?

I don’t know, but we will find out together.

I would like to introduce my first book….

Loose Words In Blank Frames.


OuterRealms of Plants

OuterRealms of Plants looks at several shots of life.  Conceived with the intentions of showing  space, this exhibit focuses on essence of color and the details of the defined. The gritty and unclear make it easier to understand color. Focus on a path and follow the transition of color, grit, and shadows.

Dumbo’s Fall

Dumbo’s Fall explores several plant-based aspects of life in Brooklyn. Pattern’s are present everywhere in existence. Each shot delves into their separate path. Take time to trace spaces with your mind’s eye. Bend the curves. Dodge the lines. Multiply the layers. Parts pile upon one another. Piecing together physical solitude. The winter comes crashing forward.

Verses OVAII

Minimally brought to life through the use of a stroke.

The mighty “o” travels far to discover itself.

Two Circles