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In the distance…

In the distance lies a great shine.

Something new for the body and mind to sync to.

Be careful of the steps you tread.

Note the blossoms that bloom.

The time is soon.

Arrival of a Nu-order to things.

For you and yours.

Be prepared.

Soadioh is having multiple dreams awaken.



Just as the city gets over Hurricane Sandy,

As the President becomes president again.

Heavy snows comes and sweeps you off your feet.

My hell freezes over.

Changes are to made this term.

This time.

Life exists within the body.

Not within the other.

Not obeying the other.

Listen to the world.

Obey self.


In the back of my head I wonder, “Can I ever be safe?” Nooks and crannies latched with fur, as my mind sows defers. To a state of pure bliss untold to me. Satisfy the nature of nurture. But will … Continue reading

breathe in.

The white blank page acts acts as my nourishment. Guided home through a storm of emotions. I feel calmed by the sense that I can create dreams come alive.

wait for it….