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Live In The Now

We want to think that we have control over everything; our life, love, goals, fears, etc. We spend countless hours debating over possible futures and reliving pasts. Planning requires thought, time, and energy.  But we have lost touch of the here, now, and present.

We should exist in the moment because that is all we have.

How do you reconnect in the present? Take a couple of seconds to appreciate your placement in the world. If you are with someone, enjoy the time that you have together. That means keeping your phone hidden. Phones take away from the interaction. Actively be a part of the person and the space. Focus your energy on listening, responding, and speaking. Stay connected, I guarantee that your time will become more valuable to both you and the other person.

Stop, Breath, and Listen to your Heart.

Otherwise, what’s the purpose of being around someone if you aren’t going to pay attention to them? We can’t avoid making some distinctions in plans, but don’t be anal about it. Our thoughts and actions constantly change to meet situations as we see fit. This makes is nearly impossible to plan out everything. As a personal guide, when I feel like I have done too much planning for something, I stop, take a break, and move on to something else. If it really needs to be planned more, then it will come up again. Find out what works best for you.

Go for the gold and live in the moment.


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Spring Cleaning

I’m planning on moving soon and that can be a daunting task.  In an effort to minimize the hassle and make it a smooth transition, I have decided to get rid of as much as possible.  That means good ole’ spring cleaning! I get to spend hours throwing away products and papers no longer needed, selling anything that someone is willing to buy, donating clothing that I will not wear, etc. This feels like the best move to make towards a better atmosphere and a greater level of freedom.  As we all know this can be fun, but also overwhelming. I have begun planning for this time for months. For the last several weeks though I have been dreading going into the basement.

I wonder why I have so much dread for doing this.  Maybe it’s because it’s hard to let go of the old times.  Maybe it’s that I haven’t used the items enough yet. Maybe I don’t want to let go of the associated memories. Or maybe I’m too lazy.  After much internal deliberation it finally dawned to me, I’m scared. I’m scared to let go of this life.  I’m scared of finding those memories that have hidden away. I want to be free, but I don’t know how to break the chains. Thus I have procrastinated for such a long time.

A couple of days after I realized my fears, I began to notice how procrastinating, may me deal with the emotions every day. Why not just clean the basement, face my fears, and deal with better times quickly? As the saying goes, “Out with the old and in with the new”.  I can really only embrace the changes to come.  I hope that by getting rid of the old, it will make space for a much better new. Those old memories and thoughts have kept me away from achieving a goal.  That goal is stability. It’s time to let go of the things that have weighed me down.  It doesn’t make sense any longer.

For some people, spring cleaning is dusting off the tops of dressers. For others it’s throwing away junk. But I believe spring cleaning is a time to let go of anything that hinders your progression.  Get rid of the bad friends, ugly clothes, frightful memories, and broken dreams. Embrace the new relationships, environment changes, job space, and new hopes.


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Take the Lead

So many people have become used to listening and joining the crowd. I have become infuriated at the thought of how people respond to life.  Where has the sense of ownership and taking a stand gone? It’s almost as though being a follower is a virus. To fight this, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses.  Be as open and honest with yourself.

Why do something based off of what others do? Following the in-crowd definitely can be a rush of excitement.  Is the in-crowd really what you believe?  People get stuck on following the in-crowd and what they don’t realize is that they can be their own in-crowd. Take a stand on what truths you support. Make sure you look at what truths really support you. Once I understood this, I became ultra-centered into my truths and leadership.  Some people will use the excuse that they have not been taught what leadership is. That may be true in some cases, but it doesn’t negate not being able to access it.  That is what technology is all about.

We all know several cases of when someone took charge of their situation. I believe success comes from the resources you have or create. Look for anything that is readily available for you and turn it into a way to take the lead. Networking and asking questions are great ways to discover more. Where you may not know the answer, someone will.  Reach out and search and maybe you’ll discover your chosen path. The purpose is to grow and help others grow.

Balance is key as well.  Too much of one without the other doesn’t work for long.  A wise leader knows when to follow. Be able to take the lead and rise to meet the challenge. When faced with a problem, solve it yourself instead of waiting for others. I reach out and hope that one day this virus will be cured.

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