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I don’t understand how a person can think that it is ok to assume that someone else wants to be sexual or intimate with them. Imagine a person that thinks there is chemistry between the two of you and begins saying things to take things to the “next level” too quickly. I’m experiencing this a bit more then I think is normal. And yet, it seems to be quite normal for many others to deal with it. Several concepts keep rising with these situations and I just wanted to point out some of them.


Where has the art of seduction gone? It seems like so many people are dealing with it. A friend of mine was telling me how her boyfriend wanted her to constantly give him a blowjob. She would do it even when she didn’t feel like it. Whenever she asked him to go down on herself though, he would give excuses or run out. Another friend of mine told me that she wasn’t dating anymore because the people she came across where too corny and horny. Some people declare to be a PhD of Love and Sex! When in action though, these people are on a 10th grade understanding of relationships. It’s really quite sad.


In my own case, I wonder if I could stop these occurrences if I told people that I’m not interested in sex or a relationship any time soon? I try to be nice to a lot of people while making sure not to come off as overly friendly. Even as I do this now, many of these “horny weirdos” come around. Is it really necessary to care about another person’s feelings when they have no respect for mine? One reason for all of these thoughts could be that there was just a miscommunication in messages. This is a legitimate point, but I don’t think that this is the sole reason why it happens to me so often.


One article by The Independent I read, stated: “Flirting often goes unobserved by men, who are useless at spotting come-on signals. Scientists from Indiana University found that when men were shown images of women making an advance, they tended to see sexual cues as being merely friendly, and saw friendly gestures as showing sexual interest. Women performed far better at picking up on body language.”


While I don’t believe that this is applicable to everyone, I know quite a few people who would fit into these categories. What is it about women that allow them to receive and understand body language and contextual clues more than men? So many guys think that they know all there is to women, and yet they miss so much. Women on the other hand become mentally connected (and eventually deranged) through analyzing possible meanings behind a look or gesture. There are pros and cons to both I guess when you really think about it.


What do you think about your world of seduction?


What is perfection? Can you every really satisfied with that? How do you attain something perfect? Do you think you’re perfect?

These are a few of the questions that I asked a friend of mine several days ago.

People have become so consumed with looking for the best mates to please their every desire. I had a conversation with a friend a few days ago that revolved around this issue. She claims to be in search of the perfect man. During our chat, she whined and complained about the people that she was surrounded by. She said she has always attracted Mr. Wrongs and didn’t want to be bothered with that kind of man anymore. So instead of making the same mistake over and over again, this time she was going to stand strong until she found Mr. Perfect.

She then began to list all the qualities her ideal man was supposed to have. He had to be of a certain social status, physical build, career driven, “no baggage” (previous marriage and kids) awesome in bed, etc. The list went on for another 5 minutes! She was tired of constantly having to deal with the same ole man doing the “same-ole-thing”.

After listening, I felt frustrated for her. She had a very specific man that she wanted to satisfy her needs, and placed a high price on those needs. I can definitely understand the will to be specific in what someone may want. There are plenty of choices and selections out there, but I question the depth of her “needs”.

When you become consumed with the material goods of a person, that’s all that you will see. They may not have the best car, the latest phone, or the biggest apartment. They could have mental issues, have a criminal record, or horrible credit. Does that really mean that you have to close yourself out from talking with them? I believe that everyone has something that they can look toward and find. In relationships, you must be communicative and willing to grow to make things work. Don’t expect a person to have the highest scores in all the areas you want, if you don’t possess those high scores yourself.

Why place such high standards on others when you can’t follow them yourself? It’s a perplexing idea that I really don’t comprehend. I feel like I wouldn’t ask something from someone that I wouldn’t do for myself. The same applies with relationships. What if the perfect person comes along and doesn’t want you because you are not perfect yourself. Work towards a goal that is realistically attainable and move from there. Otherwise you are left looking for the perfect person which could be an incredibly long journey.



Watch Out For The Sharks

Sharks! A bunch of sharks they are! Out for fresh meat. They are searching for something that can satisfy them. It hardly seems to work though. They’re everywhere! Swarming around on Facebook, looking for their next killer Tweet, passing the very front of my home! Sharks!

Lately there has been an over-whelming blast of negativity sweeping through people. I have attempted to stay away from them, but it has been difficult. Friends that use to be a great motivation are now like pest. Co-workers ready to spit venom at the site of a fellow worker succeeding. No one wants to own up to their portion of the negativity so it just flies around in the air, poisoning one person after the other. I wonder why so many people feel like it is ok engorge themselves on negativity.

I cannot live with it. I do not want to deal with these impending waves of negativity. I have discovered how to take responsibility for my actions, but I do not have the strength for others. Some people get into situations when they don’t realize how negative they are until someone else mentions it to them. This is understandable and something that can be worked with. But for masses of people to willingly accept a high level of negativity into their lives as they do now is madness. Why would you want to talk badly about your friend? What do you get from making another person suffer? Does that bring a sense of happiness to you? I just don’t get it.

Thus in my frustrations I have decided to leave it all behind. If people are too blind-sided to notice the harmful actions that they commit, I cannot deal with them. I will leave this shark frenzy alone. I am human. I know that I cannot play with sharks. They are dangerous and I must step away.


Present times pass by as future goals live on. As we live on, time has a way of making our values drag. People that used to be happy became sad. Some that attained great poverty, mastered greedy wealth. The road that people take, may lead to many different areas of life.

Lately I have been wondering why there seems to be so many blockages in my path to happiness. I feel like I have positive intentions, reinforced from years of kindness. As time waddles past me, I notice that there has been an increased amount of negativity in my life. I don’t know why exactly that is, but it persists. In order to keep myself from becoming any more distracted, I must become bold.

Boldness is a relative thing. Don’t think that you must act like anyone else. For me, being bold promotes a higher level of energy. My actions should be felt as a positive force wanting to grow and help others. Keeping this in mind ensures that I don’t do anything that may disadvantage someone else.

I don’t want to be labeled bold based on what others think they know. I want to be bold through enlightenment and action. My actions today stand as a path to take tomorrow. It doesn’t make sense to lay weak foundation and create levels on the same space. The buildings placed on the lot will sink and bulge.

I have chosen several paths that will potentially lead to wonderful things. Anything that prevents me from attaining those wonderful things will not be accepted.  Thus I have to make sure that my actions are bold and strong and capable of supporting infrastructure.

Overcome Pain

Pain hurts, yet I feel as though it is something that we are supposed to experience and learn from. When encountering pain, understand where it comes from. You want to figure it out to grow from it. Don’t wallow in the emotions for too long. Wallowing isn’t just the act of feeling sorry for yourself. You shouldn’t be doing anything that will cause you to suffer any longer than necessary. Depending on the situation, you will know when is the right time to let go.

Be open and honest with yourself. It’s hard going through some of life’s problems. Though we aren’t the only one suffering from an issue, we feel like we are when experiencing the pain. To get out of pain, we have to understand what’s going on inside/outside of us. Don’t avoid an issue because you think no one else will see it. It’s not about anyone except yourself. To be truly strong, think about your options and choose one that gets you to the path that you want to be on. The victim mentality takes a lot away from a person. Someone constantly believing that they are hopeless becomes hopeless.

Don’t be regretful about anything that you have done from here on out. Not to say that you will not make mistakes, but be confident in the choice that you have made. As said before, this process is about you. Make choices based off of what feels best for you, not what makes someone else happy. Working to satisfy another person is perfectly normal, but know pay attention to when this dynamic becomes too strenuous on yourself or beliefs. Steadfast in your beliefs and actions.

Make sure that you do not force your happiness onto someone else. Sometimes the choices that are best for us are at a disadvantage to another person. I don’t necessarily support disadvantaging someone else for my personal gain, but that is the path that I have chosen. Whatever you may choose to do, be cautious about the amount of negativity you pass onto someone else.

Pain exists in all walks of life. So does happiness. It isn’t always easy dealing with hurtful things. Be honest about what happens. Try to figure to multiple ways to expand out of an issue. Stay true to yourself, and you’re sure to travel far.

Love’s Heart

Love has a heart of its own. It was created in its image just as our own heart is. There are many different levels to what love is and what it can be. Lately I have been asking myself if people know what true love really is. We all like to think that we know what love is when we experience it, but before coming to the conclusion, we must question. I have several friends who are struggling with the concept of love.

I do not see “love” between a lots of people now-a-days; I see “like”.  Love is unconditional, supportive, understanding, omnipresent, and a plethora of other categories.  When experienced, love has the capabilities of fusing two people into one. Yet I question why I see so much anger, hurt, pain, and grief.  When I see couples walking, they smile and talk like they love, but separately act hatefully towards one another. There is little appreciation and happiness.

I believe that love is exchanged, but never lost. It changes in what is shown for the day, but not how it is felt. People have become so confused about the power of love. Others, who have been burned from a hard relationship, pass that pain onto the next person that they are with.  It is a harsh circle of pain and heartache. People must learn that love works in the most mysterious of ways at times. Those who have experienced must ask themselves truthfully, “Can I conquer the shell that love has surrounded around itself?”

Be open, honest, and receptive to the power of love and its place in your heart. If you’re not ready for a new outtake on love, don’t jump into it. Take your time and do things right (not right now). Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses and be willing to grow. Love has placed a shell over its heart to prevent itself from being hurt by others again.

Next Stage Butterfly

There’s always something that we seem to hold on to for dear life.  For some, it’s a material object which they have bound themselves to via years of desire and emotion.  For others  it’s a mental path that has been taken and keeps them safe.  When stripped to the core, we are left with a conglomerate of thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and goods.  This conglomerate acts as a definition of who we are.  Everyone has reasons for wanting to hold onto a particular thought or act.  The question poised here is, what do you do when that core thought or action prevents you from growing to your potential?

Stability is what we look for.  We are a creature of habit.  Constantly making minor changes to the person that we are.  As these continue on, we experience more.  We use these thoughts about life as a cocoon that protects us from the unknown.  While this is good for some occasions, it is harmful in others.  At this junction, one should objectively look at themselves and make some decisions.

Take notice of your goals and aspirations.  Make sure that the ideas you hold onto synchronize with your goals.  If something doesn’t work, you have to decide if it is worth holding on to.  You should understand that you are the only person that can prevent yourself from falling prey to undesirable habits and thoughts.  It’s best to shed anything that may potentially prevent you from attaining your goals.  You don’t want to make life any more difficult then it may be.

Be your own guide.  Take time to understand why you feel and act certain ways.  When it’s time to metamorphose into the next level of life, don’t hold on to things that hinder your growth.  Life truly begins when the butterfly realizes without a cocoon it can live.


Party’n Life

I’ve had my share of wild times. These tales are forever bleached into my pores. They give me something to hold onto and remember. There are also those times that I wish never occurred. Mistakes taken at the wrong time during the night, may lead to devastating angst the following morning. Ahhh the good ole’ hangover… There’s something about partying that makes my body shutter. Something written into my spirit’s molecules that say’s “Love the dance! Make new friends! Enjoy!”

A buzzing rhythm beating in my ears is an ecstatic feeling. I love the music as the music loves me. Parties are great. They truly are. They make me feel connected to the world in such different manners at times.  Good music + strong drinks + great vibes + cool people = AN AMAZING TIME! Let’s not forget dressing to impress! Parties have always been a way for me to express myself. Sometimes it is a relief to go out and dance until my legs buckle under the weight of the wind. Other times it is to drown out the sorrows of the day. But there is always a reason for my partying.

I want life to be a party. Whether I’m pushing to break the sound barrier or dragging a memory from the ground, it calms me. It seduces my inner being and makes me want further happiness. Life is what you make it and I wish for mine to be filled with fun. The path you take tomorrow guides to further to the next adventure.  Realistically I can’t go to a party every day, but I wan
t to bring the idea of partying to life every day. I want to be able to embrace the new day like it’s about to be an awesome party filled with the most interesting experiences.

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Turn To The Mirror

I am in a quest to find my original self. Lately I have been seeing my thoughts or beliefs displayed through other people’s behavior. This provided a way for me to analyze portions of myself. But as this grew on, I started to feel as though all the things that made me unique were another way to group me together. Using art to express myself to the world, I have embarked on a personal path of tattooing. While I see this as a work of art, others seem to think of it as no more than a doodle scrap paper. When I see other people with identical tattoos, it sets a standard for tattooing.  This doesn’t seem to be very high any more.

Really what makes anyone unique or original anymore? I guess it is not what shirt I wear, but how I wear that shirt.  I should be proud and embrace that which I have decided on my own. I have to take time to understand what thoughts are really my own.  Inception has been cast upon me so many times, that my head bangs from the pressure of others. Yet I must still stay rooted in the belief in myself. I have to believe that I choose this look for myself because this is what felt right, not “right-now”.

The struggle for originality can be rough for many of us. Make sure to feel original in your environment.  Whether it is the perfect hair style, best voice in the group, or business package.

You want to feel original for your environment. We should never forget that our bodies are our temples. It should be loved, oiled down, and gutted when necessary for preservation. Look into the mirror and love what you see because there is only one you. There is a piece of my originality.

Hurricane of Emotion

Massive storms of emotions have been bombarding me lately.  They seemingly crash upon me and my once fertile crescent.  These waves of power wash into thousands of my parched pores, cracked from months of unharvested feelings.  Before I was a desert, I was an plentiful field.  A field that extended as far as the eye could see.  Walk through and you could find that I had all to offer. Plenty of love, warmth, and support.  Now, there is hardly anything of value for most.  All people see is the life that once existed and the cracks that grow longer.

My core still exists.  The core of emotion and love that is largely unexplored.  It exists in the hard to reach place.  Far, far away from the slashing winds of the storm.  In my attempt to run from my oncoming decay, I retreat to a deep space.  This trampled grove has become my temple due to years of painful treks.

A barren Eden I would say.  Even though my skin has long changed, I know that life still exists. More emotions will present themselves.  When they do, I must nurture and learn from them.  This will provide me with sustenance and allow me to become green and full.