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Hidden Soul Flower Mixtape

hiddensoulflowerWe call it many things. It’s a celebration of creation. Pressing into the realms of a relationship that we have grown in together. This mixtape is a symphony of wonders through music expressing faith, desire, hardship, goals, and ultimately love.

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Feating artists: Sango, Goldie, Flying Lotus, Garbage, Nightmares On Wax, Nuage, Christopher Willits, Theoish, Pretty Lights, Mister Lies, Denitia & Sene, L’Orange, and Sina.


More Pie Mixtape

Munch on this bliss and while searching for a subtle space to grow.
Focus on the beats that crave your attention.
This filling for your ears is sure to leave you satisfied…
If not coming back for more.

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Click Here.

Featuring Artists: The Gaslamp Killer, Diplo, Samiyam, Onra, Dabrye, Insightful, Wagon Christ, Souleance, Nobody and Blank Blue, Saru, 40 Winks, and Lemon Jelly.

Heart Mixtape

Listen Here.

Frequencies resonate to the throb deep inside.

Encased by layers of palpable crust.

Looking for ways to scatter the pulse.

The rhythm of life.

It breathes.

An unavoidable connection.

To the world at large.

We all have it.

With confessions and empathy on the playlist.

This heart.

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Featuring Artists: Chet Baker, My Bloody Valentine, Blackbird Blackbird, Prefuse 73, M83, Boards Of Canada, Daedelus, Caribou, Lapalux, Kalabi, Thundercat, Leaks, 40 Winks, Gabby Hernandez, YOUAREHERE, and Sol Sleepy.

Fall Into Bass Mixtape

New tunes to cruise through the world.
Follow the Bass to the drop.
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Featuring artists: Dub Gabriel, Sol Sleepy, Amit, Phaeleh, Thesis, Netsky, Goldie, Detz, Wolf Man, and Wickaman.


This soundtrack takes you to an ethereal world.

Pulsing bass sends messages down your spine.

Enjoy the dive. Craze this wave… of Nu-music.

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Featuring artists: Flying Lotus, Teebs, Matthewdavid, Actress, Isolée, and many more.

Cosmos Touch Fools Mixtape

Ready for the masses, soadioh begins to look towards the stars.

Something about the light makes dreams come stronger.

Strength in the bass and vibes in the tones, these songs are definitely going to have your world humming.

Cosmos Touch Fools Mixtape highlights hidden layers of space within sound.

Check it out.

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Modern Lucid Life Mixtape

In a space occupied by thoughts. We dominate the world. Searching for the meaning of life. And dreaming for something special. These beats blast you to a time of living lucidly.

modern lucid life COVER

Nu Jazz Mixtape: Entender

Nu Jazz Mixtape Entender focuses on a cultural expression through language and time.

Tuned to a degree that melts life into a Nu image.

These spoken words have converged to tell a story of emotion.

Can you catch the beat of the drum or the roll of the tongue?

Find the beat that makes your groove hum a Nu tune.

Share the wealth and pass it on.

Path To The Sun Mixtape

Looking to the heavens to catch a glimpse of the past.

I spy the Sun.

In ward itself have spread the message of light.

On the 3rd rock, light is life.

A gravitational being entranced by its own power.

Orbiting bodies either navigate or meet an absolute death.

Experience a bit of the Sun.


A great mixtape for those in search of new music to listen to.