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The Nuance Collection

Everybody loves a cool tee! It’s undeniable. We all want our t-shirts to feel great, fit perfectly, and be unique. A shirt can be worn strictly for the color, while another just for the style. Some shirts may be worn because of the funny, or perhaps, inspiring words written on them.

Recently, I came across a trending company working to create a simple statement. The Nuance Collection plays on the sharp simplicity of shirts. This company is leaving their mark by creating a new twist with an original feel.

The designs are based off of the classic t-shirt using quality skins imported from South East Asia and New Zealand. Snakeskin and Lambskin are used in creating what has quickly become their ‘defining look.’

Other notable designs include scoop necks, zippers, full skin shirts, and hooded sweatshirts.


While playing on subtle details and bold personalities, Nuance is stirring a name for itself.
The Nuance Collection is a brand that is AGS approved for its superior quality and identifiable uniqueness.

If you’re looking for a great tee or sweatshirt check out The Nuance Collection. You just may come across your next favorite shirt. Be on the watch for many other items to step up your clothing rank.


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Are you affluent enough?

Reinterpreting the suit


In New York, there is a constant movement for the latest and greatest. This season guys are looking at themselves and giving a new spin on the classic suit. This doesn’t necessarily mean that men are wearing entire suits, but more so wearing pieces of the suit that are integrated into their casual look.

Many men are wearing classic tailored blazers with their casual outfit. This gives them a refined look, while at the same time making them stand out. When choosing what type of blazer to wear, make sure that it fits you. Nothing looks less put together then a man wearing a blazer that is too big or too small.

Don’t be afraid to wear or buy a blazer with color or patterns on it. This is almost always a great way to ensure a fresh look. Bold colors with great detailing give the appearance of creative force. While a form-fitted cut molds a smooth overall look. These pieces have a stronger presence on men built for confidence. In deciding on a new piece to buy, have something that you are attracted to. The purpose is to be able to see your character and image through your clothing. You want to make sure that you are original and not just your average dressed guy. Also be weary to putting too many different colors together. This works for some outfits, but with most it just looks scattered.  Have a color that you use to ‘pop’ the outfit and bring it together.  Finding a blazer with intriguing designs is a simple way to do that.

Putting together an outfit sometimes can be a daunting task.  Keep in mind, to look at the versatility of the blazer.  You want to be able to have a blazer that can be worn to different functions and look different as well.   A blazer made with a nice quality fabric does a great job at being versatile.  These are normally pieces that can be mixed and matched to create several looks.

Blazers are quickly becoming a staple piece for the modern man.  There are a lot of aspects that go into the selection process.

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Concrete Jungle


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On Concrete Jungle…

Fashion in New York is fast, swift, and impeccable. As time continues on, new styles emerge to take the throne. Concrete Jungle is that In an attempt to display a new era of fashion, a group of people came together from different walks of life.

Gentrification has changed the way that people see their world. Concrete Jungle highlights neighborhoods in Brooklyn such as Bedford Stuyvesant, Red Hook, and East New York. Neighborhood residents, visionaries, and artists believe that these neighborhoods are the epicenter of inspiration and limitless art. Some of these designers are helping guide the way to towards an increasingly stronger look and definition of life.

Concrete Jungle creates the stage for a different perspective on New York City. With the combination of edgy designs, models, accessories, and landscapes, the “out of the box” style of Concrete Jungle is reflected. Through the eyes of a designer, new conceptions are brought to life.  Concrete Jungle is sure to set the stage for the latest trends. Catch a glimpse into the life of some of the cities’ up-and-coming fashion designers, stylists, and photographers.

Stare fierceness in the eye and be amazed as Concrete Jungle leads the way to the next generation of fashion. It’s a hard world out there. We survive off of this. Bound away and very new to the world. We stretch our wings and fly. This is our flight, through the Concrete Jungle.

It’s Kill or be Killed.

Eat or be Eaten.

Change or be FORCED.

Love or be Hated.

The Cool Kids


Team:   Katia Ruiz // Coco Bella // Carlton Rolle //Laydee Kaye //  London Marie // Sandy Thevin // Siara Harris // Ariane Fuentes

Models:   Sergio Wonder // Haruka Salt // Amber Maree // Greer Paris // Allex Knight // Tyler Charmichael // Tokyo Rose

Designers:   Butch Diva // Mercura Glasses // Sain-City Productions // Style is Freedom // Ambiance Couture Bowtie // Stacy Armand // Mario Lee // Stiletto Swap // Nippy Lavern // Divide and Conquer // Devaue Body Jewelry // Brickcity Varsity // Anderson House – Labor of Love // Beasts of Glory // BowToyTies // DMF // Accessory Fix // E=kwel  // Style Starz Entertainment // Oxymoron // Fitted Tomboy

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: CZAR by Cesar Galindo SS13

CZAR by Cesar Galindo previewed his Spring 2013 line this week for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Czar unveiled at Lincoln Center his latest line with a colorful palette.

This season brought varying degrees of silk, draped dresses. Czar told reporters that his line was “inspired by a visual third dimension, a third dimension of color”. Bold color selections are used tastefully to further capture the confidence of a woman wearing the piece. Bright blues and golden yellows played off of one another. To stand out further, some garments had a glowing shimmer.

Several textures gave clothing an added dimension to its look. Intricate design patterns also add depth to the overall appearance of the clothing. Each piece left a distinct impression of its own.

This line accentuates the beautiful simplicity of a woman’s body. One could tell that the intention of each garment was to make women feel comfortable while looking stunning. CZAR by Cesar Galindo is made for many different types of women. Each garment could be different depending on who wore it. The diversity of colors, attitudes, and styles created a cohesive line of clothing that is sure to dazzle anyone who encounters them. Cesar Galindo proved without a doubt that he is a strong contender in the fashion world.

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iFashion Network

For New York fashion week, many designers emerged encapsulating elegance, creativity, and fresh concepts within their designs. However, during iFashion Network Fashion Week only two emerged setting a new standard for all new designers looking to break into the industry. Lebanese born designer Ghassan Yazbeck along with Brazilian designer Lourdinha Noyama were showcased and hosted at Atrium on February 14 during Valentine’s Day. The show featured a stew of esteemed guest and fashion elites, filling chairs in the front row sat international designers, photographers, editors and fashionistas of all styles.

Ghassan Yazbeck was the first featured designer for the show.  This designer definitely created a series of strong looks.  Ghassan brought a modernistic feel to the runway using a combination of embroidered fabric, solid colors, and patterned pieces.  There was an array of red, purple, white, and black.  There were several tailored coats and dresses that were beautifully executed to fit the models.   Ghassan clearly made clothing with the sophisticated woman in mind.  While he reinterprets the classic dress and adding further depth to it, Ghassan has presented a signature theme that is sure to catch the eyes of many others.

Lourdinha Noyama was the next designer on the runway.  This was sheer elegance through evening dresses.  Many of her items were dresses that accentuated the female body.  Noyama used many shades of tan, natural colors, and gold.  She also worked with a lot of natural fibers and lace.  Each piece had a unique mini story of its own.  Noyama’s collection of dresses has a strong seductive poise about them.  The collection played off of Noyama’s Brazilian heritage and lifestyle.

– Carlton Rolle