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Rugged Fluff


Written across my face.

Clear as if meant common enough.

The flaw.

An assumption made on being tough.

I don’t like having to be rough.

But damn it, I said, “Enough is Enough.”

The look on your face as you sit there looking shy.

Clearly it states you don’t understand why.

Makes my sanity tumble when all you do is mumble.

There’s no point.

Your path will not be my direct gain.

Not at least because I won’t be the same.

I won’t conceive it.

Believe it.

I’m through with your rugged fluff.


Babbling of the Irrational Mind

Critical Justice

Where is justice when you need it?

I’m feeling broken down and defeated.

They took his life faster than he could plead.

Now all I have is an image of him on his knees.

Red blossomed all over his shirt.

Realizing it was cold murder hurts.

Gunned down for looking part.

My family is looking to heal it’s heart.

Any trend to defend themselves, shows an agitated self.

Seeking peace was the decision.

Arguing the story to the court.

Too many are still unsure of which side to support.

Validating their excuse.

“We need more proof.”

What proof do you need to see blatant disgust?

There’s little left we can truly trust.

Made his life end in vain.

Our community is critically insane.

They say there’s Justice.

But I see Just Us losing.

Do we fight where we fall?

Or jump past an ever-growing wall?

Babbling of the Irrational Mind.


Broke As A Joke

This is me.

Broken by the trusting of black-hearted commissions.

The decision has become my economic submission.

I’m a fish on dry land.

The donkey chasing the carrot.

Grasping for a needle in a wet haystack.

My intuition gone.

Replaced by the brace of the handheld drone called my phone.

Leading down alleys and doors.

Made to look even more deplorable.

I scrub at the dirt of my oppressive force.

Hoping it won’t keep me consistently sore.

I’d like to say I’d rather be poor.

But look at my bank account and your eyes will see the red score.

I’m not poor, I’m broke.

Everyone makes me the bunt of their jokes.


Released on Babbling of the Irrational Mind


Babbling of the Irrational Mind

Day 10: Future

This series is inspired from the Writing WordPress Blogging University.

Day 10: Future

Thinking it was anointed.
These ideas were conjoined.
I thought I could harness the power of the heart.
Teach me from the start how to love.
We weren’t about the proclamation.
We just needed motivation to move the wheel.
Grinding along, I thought we could belong.
To a group of folk who didn’t choke others dreams.
I want to be on the same team.
I need to feel the connection.
But others are too pressed to think about little else.
Where do you go when your house isn’t a home?
Where do you live when the shit gets too real?
This is how my emotions are beginning to feel.

Day 3: Friend

This series is inspired from the Writing WordPress Blogging University.

Day 3: Friend

When I grow to depend on you.
You’ll know we’ve made the win.
Crossing tender boundaries and linking mental energy.

Day 7: Flavor

This series is inspired from the Writing WordPress Blogging University.

Day 7: Flavor

Fresh to add a stronger taste.
This herb hardly never goes to waste.
Hidden within soiled places.
This delight brings me relief.

Day 9: Landscape

This series is inspired from the Writing WordPress Blogging University.

Day 9: Landscape

Walking along the rusted tracks.
My frame of mind is looking back.
To before the times of robust living and fun shrills.
Thinking I wouldn’t get killed.
Jumping from the ledge
Or thinking I could climb.
Dropped a dime on the line in time to see it smashed.
I walk along the overpass.
Thinking the area is sure to last throughout the ages.