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Tenets of Love

His love is love for those we love.

It’s touched from powers up above.

To see unconditionally.

To paint the scene.

These tenets are what I drawn into my being.

Babbling of the Irrational Mind.



I auto-sync to the house.

Even when the kids jump about.

Wash the dishes.

Sweep the floor.

Re-dusting all of the décor.

Time is essential.

Kept away from the tap.

I hate when it starts to evaporate.

Like the day was wasted.

Chasing the confiscated.

I wait for the time to relax and unwind.

Before it’s time to call it quits, I empty out the condiments.

Babbling of the Irrational Mind.

Calm During The Fright

I calm my nerves with the little time I have.

Feeling akin to the birds.

When they fly from the trees.

Fleeing from deeds of controlling land beings.

It’s the flight of the fright.

Meant to carry to different safety.

Nothing can compare to the feeling of air rushing in-between your hair.

Babbling of the Irrational Mind.

Behind Me

I chose to flee from what’s behind me.

I’ve given my honor.

I’ve fulfilled several pledges.

I’ve even taken a jump off the edge.

In so much as the eye can see.

Into the deep abyss of charades and chivalry.

Too far for many to doubt the occasion.

I haven’t struggled without much persuasion.

Not the labels placed in front of me.

For me to choose 1, 2, 3.

I don’t belittle myself.

Or my intentions to act.

I’ve been handed an odd deck.

But I refuse to deal myself a deathly blow.

I know that I want to grow.

To be wrapped in the wealth that I create for me.

I want the chance to aspire to be.

What I what to be.

Not what others make of me.

Vexed to becoming a sleuth.

Don’t want anyone to make me out uncouth.

It makes no difference.

Should I not be able to see,

What lies ahead when it’s behind me.

Babbling of the Irrational Mind.

Fade To The Back

Shit happens.

I admit it.

There’s no need to spit it.

I can erase the pain on my face.

Though my heart is of another space.

I want to be around someone who is warm.

Not having to tolerate or conform.

It’s a standard that I’ve created.

And I hate when someone tries to feed it to me.

Let’s agree, life plays a part.

Making our faults the start to depart.

I work mercilessly with the time that I have.

Priorities constantly shift and are really a drab.

I’ve canceled a quest, for several a clue.

I know I have been paying dues.

Where I fail at visitation, I attempt communication.

Most times I reflect and am thankful of the memory that is stored.

Even for those who obsessively record.

It’s comforting to be with another similar creature.

Allow my spirit to be free and fine tune the frequency.

Be merrily along the way.

Instead you blew it away because you weren’t “feeling okay”.

I won’t show alarm, don’t want to harm, nor look like a clown either.

So I’ll do what neither of us really want to do.

I’ll cease and desist.

Reminisce later.

As of now I’ll fade into the background.




Babbling of the Irrational Mind


You need to finish what you start.

It’s about what is emitting from the heart.

Upset dreams and goals grow thick.

The little-to-zero energy spent.

Is anything good enough change?

Could you further defile your brain?

Closure to the fatal sky.

I wonder what stories meant goodbye.




Babbling of the Irrational Mind


A danger to your host.

A shadow from your grin.

You’re the one to complain when things start to spin.

Your character lost to ages past.

Meant to be some recollection of benign factors.

That’s a blast from the choir.

Should they choose to speak at all.

It chimes at the time for receptivity to fall.

Longing for the finished one.

The drunkard saunters below the pun.



Babbling of the Irrational Mind.