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Awakening My Captured Freedom


This book looks at various instances of people in bliss and pain. Often a single experience is a combination of both instances. This creates a complex set of emotions and dialogue. These experiences become interconnected with time and become a pattern. Many people struggle on a daily basis. Depending on the person, the struggle looks different. Bringing attention to a situation could help someone to overcome their struggle.

Regardless of the outcome, decisions are upheld through action and memory. Some decisions I was fortunate enough to be exposed to. Others placed a greater weight on me. I’m sharing experiences that have not completely healed. It’s part of my will to grow and show that many can overcome what lies ahead. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Once you realize the situation.

I want to use this book to highlight struggle and adversity. Sharing stories is an empowering method. You never know the route that a person takes to get where they are. But you can take the time to understand how they got there. People have to know what they are comfortable with handling and constantly look to expand their scope. It may be foreign and difficult being truly empathic of others at times, but keeping an open mind can help heal a broken heart.

This book is a reflection of those emotions that push us into the depth of humanity.

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Fractured Paths of Disheartened Minds

Front Page

This book of poetry explores the realm of survival. Each poem reflects a point when a person makes a sacrifice in a situation. It explores what happens when the person holds onto an idea so much that it consumes them. Through this conflict: a person adapts to the situation, kills to survive, or a part (or whole) of themselves die.

Treat the book as an instrument to learn from defeating notions of self. The illustrations presented are symbolic portrayals of the poems. Life isn’t always black or white. Most people travel through both colors mixing into shades of grey. To be blind is to see one side or another. To accept and grasp life there must balance. It is my intent to show a glimpse of paths that others have taken.

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Loose Words In Blank Frames

Poetic and abstract in its method, Loose Words in Blank Frames is a series of events told through multiple perspectives. The words reflect the moment of action. Each statement represents a body of thoughts and emotions. Certain poems are interconnected into other aspects of an event.

Be ready to step into the shoes of a person’s experience. This book sheds a glimpse into a person’s mind through the legacy left behind. It is a journal of discovery and contempt. Our minds provide us with a canvas and limitless speech. Loose Words in Blank Frames paints an enigmatic canvas of life and chaos with poems and phrases.

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