Day 5: Imperfect

This series is inspired from the Writing WordPress Blogging University.

Day 5: Imperfect

Constantly shifting to meet the needs for your personal greed. You’ve turned the half-baked dream solid. Blocking other ideas that create utopia or balance. Too heavy and too solid creates too many issues within your psyche. I block them with a wall just as solid.


Day 2: Face

This series is inspired from the Writing WordPress Blogging University.

Day 2: Face

Telling me you’re not excited to see.
The wonders of people’s misery.
Etched on your face.
Surely others are able to trace the emotion.
Caused by the commotion of life.
Strife brought pockets of flesh to life.
Before it etched it’s plight.

Day 8: Pleasure

This series is inspired from the Writing WordPress Blogging University.

Day 8: Pleasure

Created to show I care.

Created when we’re alone.

Created whenever feeling fun.

Created as we swim inside the sum.

Created a mystical union.

Created to show illusions.

Created to feel complete.

Created a unique peak.

Day 1: Water

This series is inspired from the Writing WordPress Blogging University.

Day 1: Water

Wash over the world.
Collecting material.
Storing memory.


Final Design

Make it the feature of the design.

As I create a new spine.

The shudder happens less and less.

Proving I’ve grown to be blessed.

I fight to ignore the way that I feel.

But that’s part of killing what’s real.

A victorious loser in the midst of battle.

I don’t have time to stand with cattle.

Or beat around the bush.

I wish a pair of hedges would come along.

To help cut away what doesn’t belong.

Together it’s a wasteful sum.

Ineed to finish what has begun.

It feeds the collected fun.

Held in place.

Zippers are made to be traced.

Up and down.

Around to the back.

This way the slack will be flat.

Lifeshouldn’t continuously be stressed.

Pushed to the limit of what’s supposed to be the best.

Scrutinize after the host has seen the rest.

It’s time to walk the final test.

Babbling of the Irrational Mind.

New Life

In my innermost dreams, I wanted and needed you.

Suckling from the beginning.

Rooted, harvested, and birthed from a new union.

The merging of us into a him or her.

I concur, it was a treasured thought.

To own a house and plot our branch’s path.

I continuously laugh with tidings of being humble.

Delivered as if my mission was the decision to no longer neglect.

My ruins were derelict but I confessed and learned fast.

It’s a blessing to achieve.

The needs of another.

Many times causing you to smother your dreams.

Hardly could fit throughout my span.

But it became the plan.

To govern those who could lead us into the next age.

Babbling of the Irrational Mind.

Warm Sky

She laughs as she runs from me.

Screaming, “Daddy! Daddy!”


The Sun brings golden rays to brighten her eyes.

Her smile turns frowns around.

Her laughs reach vibrations deep in the gut.

Strangers wave at her gaze.

They see Sky.

Powerful and embracing.

Warm and inviting.

A happy baby.

A child of love and light.

Protection becomes necessary, as soon as she is in sight.

Sky is everywhere when she is near.

An absence when she’s not.

She’s the youth we look up to.

A treasure placed on the top.

The fruit of my loin.

The apple of my eye.

I’m proud of my daughter.

My daughter loves me.

I cherish the human she has grown to be.


Originally published by Babbling of the Irrational Mind.

Babbling of the Irrational Mind.