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Tell me what you see.


With my head in the clouds…



Darkness ignites.

Moving through space.

Crystal veins burst into sight.

With nothing but flakes around.


Kindest Words

Kindest Words


Puppies: A Story of Life

Mother’s Love and Father’s Protection


In a little apartment nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, house dogs Timberland and Marley took the steps to becoming parents.

Timberland is an Italian Greyhound. He is wildly energetic, outspoken, loving (when he wants to be…), and dominant. Tim is by far one of the BEST cuddle-buddies EVER!


Marley is an American Cocker Spaniel. She loves to eat, is playful, sweet, and incredibly loyal. Think of her as a “semi” gentle teddy bear!!


While everyone around was unsure of conception, little babies grew and were nurtured. It wasn’t until roughly seven weeks could anyone could tell. As the weeks seemingly crept by, preparations were made for the new bundles of life!!

Marley’s water broke and she went into active labor early one Thursday morning. For the rest of the day and through the night she panted heavily. In the dark of the following morning on October 18, 2013 Marley gave birth to a litter of 5 puppies!!!

As time continued further, I was able to learn from each new life. Everyone began to take on their own definitions.

Cleopatra – independent, adventurous, persistent, quick-thinker, confident
8 weeks

8 weeks

Soba Noodle – playful, confident, fun loving, loyal, affectionate
8 weeks

8 weeks

TJ (Timberland Jr.) – dominant, independent, persistent, playful, aggressive
8 weeks

8 weeks

Tomas – “Mr. Love”, sweet, caring, loyal, calm


 Bodhi – dominant, charming, relaxed, playful

8 weeks

All of the puppies are sociable, warm-hearted, and outgoing. It speaks to the amount of love and energy that have been placed, given, and received from these animals.

– Share the love. Pass it on.

Rusted Through

The barriers of iron have created a daze.

Sharp against my skin.

Broken fragments of nails cross.

Wilted to death.

Merging with soot.

Nod your head.

Flakes splintered in the rust.

Blotch the flared Earth.

Washed through the holes.

Molted layers converge.

Pieces of my imagination get stuck in the rush.


OuterRealms of Plants

OuterRealms of Plants looks at several shots of life.  Conceived with the intentions of showing  space, this exhibit focuses on essence of color and the details of the defined. The gritty and unclear make it easier to understand color. Focus on a path and follow the transition of color, grit, and shadows.


Concrete Jungle


For more info: On Concrete Jungle.

Dumbo’s Fall

Dumbo’s Fall explores several plant-based aspects of life in Brooklyn. Pattern’s are present everywhere in existence. Each shot delves into their separate path. Take time to trace spaces with your mind’s eye. Bend the curves. Dodge the lines. Multiply the layers. Parts pile upon one another. Piecing together physical solitude. The winter comes crashing forward.


Train Stop

This gallery contains 10 photos.

All around the place, there is something to see. Shutters eclipse the visible solids. Follow a path.

Susan G. Coleman Race For The Cure

Everyone has their reasoning in life. Help to make a difference in someone’s life.

Visit The Susan G. Coleman for the Cure website.