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Puppy Power

Cleo, daughter of Marley, was originally introduced in 2013 with Puppies: A Story of Life. On December 30, 2015 Cleo gave birth to 5 adorable puppies. Though one puppy didn’t make it, the four other live to create legacy. Here is a glimpse of them.

Breed: Mixed – Cocker Spaniel/Italian Greyhound

Birth date: December 30, 2015

Litter Number: 5 pups (4 females, 1 male)



Fostered for hope.

Bred to feel.

I believe these loving beings will heal.

The pain you feel is licked away.

Creating room for a brighter day.

Cherish them as they nurture you.

Gain scope of the brighter hue of love.



Introducing Sensual Cards by Luna Ballantyne

If You’re interested in some steamy cards to give to your significant other…


Sensual-Cards- Birthday Example

Relationships take work… whether you have been together for two months or twenty years, keeping the magic alive requires effort and more than a little bit of imagination! Sexy little surprises can add that extra sparkle and are a wonderful way to keep your partner ‘on their toes’ … and what better time than their Birthday or Valentine’s Day?


Puppy Love 2015

Puppy Love 2015

Life is for the living.

Love is for the loving.

Existence presents itself everywhere.


New life roams.

Learning skills to better handle the environment.

Being nurtured while nurturing.

The newest puppies to hit the scene.


Breed: Mixed – Cocker Spaniel/Italian Greyhound

Birthdate: October 15, 2015

Litter Number: 5 pups (3 females, 2 males)








Red Ball

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Focal Weeds

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At a glance. It’s just some snub. Those things that grubs love to dig in. I begin to comprehend the spin the world takes on these notions. But focused on the needs of the weeds are the things that give … Continue reading


Several Shots in a Matter of Time


Flower Power

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Shots of beautiful Flowers in the city morning.


Exposed Beach




Central Park Gatherings

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A collection of photos capturing some minute nature of Central Park. Specks further give depth to the angles of the shots. These symbolize space and difference. The color and contrast are used to enhance the focus. I urge the viewer … Continue reading