This is my spine, firm and strong.

I know what I know based off of experience and thought.

Throughout the years, I had the opportunity to learn about and live in various lifestyles.

These environments played a key role in the knowledge base of the person I am.

言語 : Religion : seXuality : Ethnicity : Political Stance : Socio-Structure : HIStory : Spiritual Core: Race 

Transcend the barriers that divide through knowledge.

I come to share my stories about all of this and so much more.

Everyone has a story.

Many have dreams.

These are some of mine.

What’s yours?

– c. rolle

3 responses to “This is my spine, firm and strong.

  1. Thank you for subscribing. I shall return to read more of your posts. Cheers, Eric

  2. Carlton,

    You have begun a most unique blog. I am also a poet and a philosopher, even though I only occasionally post poems, I have been writing poems for many years.

    Your poet’s voice seems disharmonious, and you challenge your readers in that way.

    I am grateful for your comment on my posting about Brain Connections, and wish you success in your blog…..John H.

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