Brave Son

How do I teach my son to be brave?

Soar past others’ notions.

Fight for his dreams.

And eventually, achieve his set of keys.

The gateway to freedom comes at a cost.

Fighting for passion shouldn’t come at an extreme loss.

When do I begin to teach my son to cross?

Waves of oppression, neglect, or greed poised to make his body their new breed.

I wish we were on the same team, but society’s message bleeds into me.

Set the expendable boy free.

We’ll teach him what to see.

He’ll be what we want him to be.

He’s not the steed to showoff to degenerate thieves.

How do I teach my son to leave when faced with hatred?

He shouldn’t have to be irate or complacent.

I want him to enhance the quality of impressions cast.

His legacy should be made to last.

Not to speaking up to be killed fast.

Don’t send him up the bend hoping the charade would mend sovereign skin.

How do I teach my son to search for a mission?

It’s his decision to create the vision.

We shouldn’t only pick dropping bars, running from the law, or bouncing a ball.

There are more ways to climb up this inescapable wall.

Yes son, we all will fall.

But it’s the victors who don’t lie down or stall.

How do I teach my son that survival is a jagged ledge before a fall?

Too many of us lost, enslaved, emasculated, and underappreciated.

We are robbed of the joy we’re supposed to have.

And told to work harder to “earn” back a fraction.

Walling off sections of our brain.

Is a battle to remain sane.

How do I teach my son to be brave?

Knowing that everyone doesn’t get saved.

Originally published at 12BY6.

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