Critical Justice

Where is justice when you need it?

I’m feeling broken down and defeated.

They took his life faster than he could plead.

Now all I have is an image of him on his knees.

Red blossomed all over his shirt.

Realizing it was cold murder hurts.

Gunned down for looking part.

My family is looking to heal it’s heart.

Any trend to defend themselves, shows an agitated self.

Seeking peace was the decision.

Arguing the story to the court.

Too many are still unsure of which side to support.

Validating their excuse.

“We need more proof.”

What proof do you need to see blatant disgust?

There’s little left we can truly trust.

Made his life end in vain.

Our community is critically insane.

They say there’s Justice.

But I see Just Us losing.

Do we fight where we fall?

Or jump past an ever-growing wall?

Babbling of the Irrational Mind.


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