Final Design

Make it the feature of the design.

As I create a new spine.

The shudder happens less and less.

Proving I’ve grown to be blessed.

I fight to ignore the way that I feel.

But that’s part of killing what’s real.

A victorious loser in the midst of battle.

I don’t have time to stand with cattle.

Or beat around the bush.

I wish a pair of hedges would come along.

To help cut away what doesn’t belong.

Together it’s a wasteful sum.

Ineed to finish what has begun.

It feeds the collected fun.

Held in place.

Zippers are made to be traced.

Up and down.

Around to the back.

This way the slack will be flat.

Lifeshouldn’t continuously be stressed.

Pushed to the limit of what’s supposed to be the best.

Scrutinize after the host has seen the rest.

It’s time to walk the final test.

Babbling of the Irrational Mind.

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