When Sarah Smiled

When Sarah smiled, I smiled.

We share together.

Something we held forever.

Our bond.


Wished and merited with awards.

We’ve given ourselves so many times before.



When Sarah laughed, I laughed.

Formed deep in the gut.

Plunging me deeper within.

Turning other’s frowns into a grin.

This power, we honored.

Make flowers bloom from any scene.

Just being radiantly gay.

While growing positively lean.



When Sarah cried, I cried.


Broken inside.

The game we couldn’t choose.

Someone abused a space.

We empathized with their place.

Willing a stronger frame.



When Sarah died, I died.

Utterly deprived.

Leapt off the side of the rail.

She couldn’t contain the suffering of the world.

Lost the most when trying to host of the quake.

Felt it was the move to make.



When Sarah loved, I loved.

Showing others what we felt from Above.

Never really sure of price it would take.

Our love was in spirit.

Trying to commandeer it.

I feel when she’s near and trying to steer the wheel.



That’s how I can stand and fight the fight.

Wanting to ignite the passion within others.

I don’t want to smother another’s dreams.

We can be on the same team.

At least for the moment.

I choose to own it.

Time is short.

I don’t want to abort and miss any further gains.

Sarah showed me a better way to contain.

The feelings that we bare.

Sarah and I will wear.

What Sarah felt was real.

I choose the feel through her will.

Babbling of the Irrational Mind.

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