Fade To The Back

Shit happens.

I admit it.

There’s no need to spit it.

I can erase the pain on my face.

Though my heart is of another space.

I want to be around someone who is warm.

Not having to tolerate or conform.

It’s a standard that I’ve created.

And I hate when someone tries to feed it to me.

Let’s agree, life plays a part.

Making our faults the start to depart.

I work mercilessly with the time that I have.

Priorities constantly shift and are really a drab.

I’ve canceled a quest, for several a clue.

I know I have been paying dues.

Where I fail at visitation, I attempt communication.

Most times I reflect and am thankful of the memory that is stored.

Even for those who obsessively record.

It’s comforting to be with another similar creature.

Allow my spirit to be free and fine tune the frequency.

Be merrily along the way.

Instead you blew it away because you weren’t “feeling okay”.

I won’t show alarm, don’t want to harm, nor look like a clown either.

So I’ll do what neither of us really want to do.

I’ll cease and desist.

Reminisce later.

As of now I’ll fade into the background.




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