Review of Myku by Tara Keogh



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Reviewed by Carlton Rolle 

Tara Keogh is an accidental poet who does it for the love of lyrical joy. She earns her crust editing books by authors who will self-publish. They call her The OCD Editor.

The book myku is composed of 212 haiku. Within this form of Japanese poetry, verses are constructed using three lines each with a certain number of syllables. Keogh is following the 5-7-5 form. Within this book Keogh discusses several aspects of life such as work, love, and pain.

I believe it is an art to the creation of haiku. In many cases, the message has to be short and to the point. Keogh did an amazing job at capturing the moment or emotion. There are several pieces that stick out to me.

hiding my dislike

is an ever-evolving

and deceptive art

your condemnation

revealed the twisted state of

your proclamations

good conversation

seems to live only in my

books and memory

i throw myself at

unknowing objects of my

desire’s appetites

In many pieces, I found myself reacting to message. This would trigger memories for me and be able to further place into perspective. Others felt as if they could be read continuously as a chant. There even some that left me wanting more from the situation. Another aspect that was touched on from the beginning was that people have simultaneous feelings about situations. Within pieces it contain feeling that works against each other. This can be somewhat jarring if a person is reading straight through each haiku. But I feel part of the purpose of haiku is to think on the subject manner after the words have been said (or in this case, read.)

Keogh put energy into her haiku. She wrote from multiple perspectives and spoke of balance with form. This is a great read when you’re looking for something substantial to read on the train, in a waiting room, or before sleeping. This book captivated me, and I’m sure it will for many others.

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