Angry Man

Rest well little boy.

You’ve engaged the world with your friends.

Gave meaning to fleeting moments.

Grasped knowledge from the scene.

Yelling and fighting to be seen.

While aging into legitimate law.

All passed in the blink of an eye.

Calm down grown man.

You’re strong enough now.

You were trampled.

Floating dangerously close to frantic.

But you continued.

Lived to breathe another day.

Bitterness is your only friend.

Speak easy old fellow.

No need to waste time bickering.

You’re all you got.

Be prepared for the following day.

Brace your knees.

Shield your eyes.

Your mind will return to the sky.

Cold words no longer attack.

Whenever you want to strike back.

Throughout life we shun defeat.

Hoping it will never repeat.

To gain no foothold.

No strength to the cause.

Angriness is a huge flaw.


Taken from the book Fractured Paths of Disheartened Minds.


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