Review of Fallen Gods by T.W. Malpass

Fallen Gods

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Fallen Gods by T.W. Malpass

Review by Carlton Rolle

T.W. Malpass was born in 1976 and lives in Staffordshire, UK. Malpass loves with the world of film just as much as literature. His taste are varied, but the most inspiration comes from the horror genre. Many of those that read his books, will find that his love for monsters is apparent. He loves them and believes that we all represent monsters in one form or another.

Fallen Gods: Sanctuary 12 is a horror / science fiction series surrounding a group of characters. While unknown amongst themselves, each one of them are guided towards meeting with others in a group. All of these people are connected by the voice of a girl, Celeste, who speaks to them telepathically. She is the influential leader of them even though she is in a physical coma. She was badly injured when young and required an overwhelming amount of technology to keep her alive. Her mission is to ensure the safety of a group and consul them on the next steps.

Jerrico is a social outcast. He witnessed his parent brutally murder and was tortured afterward as a child. As an adult is attempting to make sense out of life and sustaining. Through several experiences and a discussion, readers discover that he can manifest physical entities.

Stuart is a telekinetic boy who is bound to a wheelchair. Upon discovering his power, he practiced but kept it hidden. Running from protective parents, Stuart meets a dog named Barnes that guides him to meet the others.

Josie is a blind girl. Since her recovery from an accident, she has a premonition forecasting the person’s death whenever she touches them. Attempting to jump off a bridge to end the visions, Kaleb comes to prevent her from jumping. Kaleb is a sculptor who has the ability to heal living beings.

Another character that plays an important role is Evelyn. She is the widow of a farmer. For years she didn’t leave her house. Upon leaving she discovered that she controls a flock of crow known as the Unkindness. Martha is a thief running from the police and searching for a better life for her Brother and girlfriend. Vladimir is escaping the assassin, Duma, his mother hired. Heven is a guy with an influential father and family. He is wanted for several counts of murder.

The villain of this story is Charles Cradleworth. He looks like a middle aged suburbanite whose face was set smiling as wide as possible. Once close enough, his eyes became black pits full of deep space. Many found on their encounter with him to be eerie or terrifying to be around. Mr. Cradleworth is a menacing being focused on death and consumption.

Most of the book builds on character definition. Malpass crafted each person’s experience in a way that made the characters personality stand out. The presence of Celeste urged them all to come together to escape danger. Upon escaping their situations, some of the characters encounter Mr. Cradleworth. Fortunately Mr. Cradleworth isn’t interested in engulfing the characters or world just yet but preparing the individuals. Some are capable of escape, others witness blood and death.

The way the story is written had me guessing how these characters were all connected or when they were going to meet. The plot thickened 10 fold when characters are introduced to their true history and the interstellar war that is raging. It places an insurmountable weight on the situation. This doesn’t not even arise until the last several pages of the novel. I felt that it was quite jarring to end. I didn’t’ feel at piece with the placement which inevitably will have me reading the second novel.

One of the interesting aspects that I felt was that I agreed with was the aspect of going with your gut or the signs that are apparent. Sometimes in life, the only choice that offers any chance of survival is going on what’s ahead of you. One of the characters that emphasized this the most was Martha. It makes me wonder what happens to her and her placement within the group.

Another alluring aspect to the novel was the latent abilities of Jerrico. Through him readers discover that he creates two entities, Clover and flying monsters known as Urkers, which inflict damage to those around them. Both gruesome and mysterious, these creatures represent an almost artistic impression of how aspects of the world impact Jerrico.

Ultimately, every person within the novel is forced to look within themselves and analyze their life. They attempt to make sense out of their life and the situation as it unfolds. For some, their unique gift creates another barrier that they must learn and leap over. For others, it’s too much to manage. Readers of Fallen Gods: Sanctuary 12 will be immersed in a dark and confusing place. Characters that are flawed or misguided become the hero of the world and possibly the Universe. It leaves you wondering will they make it or does it matter at all? One way or another we’ll find out… Follow the voice.


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