Fractured Paths of Disheartened Minds

This book of poetry explores the realm of survival. Each poem reflects a point when a person makes a sacrifice in a situation… in many instances for love. It explores what happens when the person holds onto an idea so much that it consumes them. These notions conflict with their core beliefs and eventually forces them to become lost, confused, depraved, changed, and more. Through this conflict: a person adapts to the situation, kills to survive, or a part (or whole) of themself dies.

Eventually so much changes that the person behind the mirror is unrecognizable. Confronting issues of self-image and personal value are brought out. After a while, it implores questions such as: How far are you willing to go? How deep have you sunken? Is it worth it? Should you shun it or learn from the experience?

Treat the book as an instrument to learn from defeating notions of self. The illustrations presented are symbolic portrayals of the poems. Life isn’t always black or white. Most people travel through both colors mixing into shades of grey. To be blind is to see one side or another. To accept and grasp life there must balance. It is my intent to show a glimpse of paths that others have taken.


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