The Storm

How about the time when the wind blew down the trees?

They said it was going to miss us at first.

But once the waves pummeled, we knew.

It was too close.

It only got worse, stronger.

Hoping for something to give.

Someone to shout.

“We’re all safe!!”

All too quickly things flew around.

Up became down.

Right became left.

We just huddled and listened.

There was banging on the roof.

The hollowing wind.

Flinging the trash cans down the block.

Trees broke against the walls.

Wires hit the cars.

And the rain on the land.

We boarded the windows and stayed away from the doors.

Too many times fragments busted through.

Creating further havoc on our diminished home.

I wished it would lift soon.

But I knew the drill.

This was just the beginning to the season.

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