Joyful Visits

It’s something that I’ve visited before.

Too often to count really.

And far more then this life has permitted.

Never knowing when the moment was going to erupt.

And the feeling would purge my naked skin.

Leaving sacred scars.

The joy that stings.

The envy it brings; to those that hate.

I could only imagine when far away.

And try my hardest to ignore at times.

The feeling just takes over.

And release.

Over the land.

Upon the world.

Beneath the heavens.

And through their eyes.

I smile.

I laugh.

I graze on the hunger in people’s eye for more.

And a call forth the power they crave.

I envelop the their stings with my kisses.

And their heads in my lap.

As bonds grow stronger, time becomes longer.

Until we cease to appear.

But then a draft pulls near.

And things disappear.

I’m left waiting for more.

Time to shine.

In their honor.


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