On Concrete Jungle…

Fashion in New York is fast, swift, and impeccable. As time continues on, new styles emerge to take the throne. Concrete Jungle is that In an attempt to display a new era of fashion, a group of people came together from different walks of life.

Gentrification has changed the way that people see their world. Concrete Jungle highlights neighborhoods in Brooklyn such as Bedford Stuyvesant, Red Hook, and East New York. Neighborhood residents, visionaries, and artists believe that these neighborhoods are the epicenter of inspiration and limitless art. Some of these designers are helping guide the way to towards an increasingly stronger look and definition of life.

Concrete Jungle creates the stage for a different perspective on New York City. With the combination of edgy designs, models, accessories, and landscapes, the “out of the box” style of Concrete Jungle is reflected. Through the eyes of a designer, new conceptions are brought to life.  Concrete Jungle is sure to set the stage for the latest trends. Catch a glimpse into the life of some of the cities’ up-and-coming fashion designers, stylists, and photographers.

Stare fierceness in the eye and be amazed as Concrete Jungle leads the way to the next generation of fashion. It’s a hard world out there. We survive off of this. Bound away and very new to the world. We stretch our wings and fly. This is our flight, through the Concrete Jungle.

It’s Kill or be Killed.

Eat or be Eaten.

Change or be FORCED.

Love or be Hated.

The Cool Kids


Team:   Katia Ruiz // Coco Bella // Carlton Rolle //Laydee Kaye //  London Marie // Sandy Thevin // Siara Harris // Ariane Fuentes

Models:   Sergio Wonder // Haruka Salt // Amber Maree // Greer Paris // Allex Knight // Tyler Charmichael // Tokyo Rose

Designers:   Butch Diva // Mercura Glasses // Sain-City Productions // Style is Freedom // Ambiance Couture Bowtie // Stacy Armand // Mario Lee // Stiletto Swap // Nippy Lavern // Divide and Conquer // Devaue Body Jewelry // Brickcity Varsity // Anderson House – Labor of Love // Beasts of Glory // BowToyTies // DMF // Accessory Fix // E=kwel  // Style Starz Entertainment // Oxymoron // Fitted Tomboy

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  1. omggggg. HOORAY for your interview! I loved every single one of your outfits 🙂 🙂 -Sunnie

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