I don’t understand how a person can think that it is ok to assume that someone else wants to be sexual or intimate with them. Imagine a person that thinks there is chemistry between the two of you and begins saying things to take things to the “next level” too quickly. I’m experiencing this a bit more then I think is normal. And yet, it seems to be quite normal for many others to deal with it. Several concepts keep rising with these situations and I just wanted to point out some of them.


Where has the art of seduction gone? It seems like so many people are dealing with it. A friend of mine was telling me how her boyfriend wanted her to constantly give him a blowjob. She would do it even when she didn’t feel like it. Whenever she asked him to go down on herself though, he would give excuses or run out. Another friend of mine told me that she wasn’t dating anymore because the people she came across where too corny and horny. Some people declare to be a PhD of Love and Sex! When in action though, these people are on a 10th grade understanding of relationships. It’s really quite sad.


In my own case, I wonder if I could stop these occurrences if I told people that I’m not interested in sex or a relationship any time soon? I try to be nice to a lot of people while making sure not to come off as overly friendly. Even as I do this now, many of these “horny weirdos” come around. Is it really necessary to care about another person’s feelings when they have no respect for mine? One reason for all of these thoughts could be that there was just a miscommunication in messages. This is a legitimate point, but I don’t think that this is the sole reason why it happens to me so often.


One article by The Independent I read, stated: “Flirting often goes unobserved by men, who are useless at spotting come-on signals. Scientists from Indiana University found that when men were shown images of women making an advance, they tended to see sexual cues as being merely friendly, and saw friendly gestures as showing sexual interest. Women performed far better at picking up on body language.”


While I don’t believe that this is applicable to everyone, I know quite a few people who would fit into these categories. What is it about women that allow them to receive and understand body language and contextual clues more than men? So many guys think that they know all there is to women, and yet they miss so much. Women on the other hand become mentally connected (and eventually deranged) through analyzing possible meanings behind a look or gesture. There are pros and cons to both I guess when you really think about it.


What do you think about your world of seduction?

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