What is perfection? Can you every really satisfied with that? How do you attain something perfect? Do you think you’re perfect?

These are a few of the questions that I asked a friend of mine several days ago.

People have become so consumed with looking for the best mates to please their every desire. I had a conversation with a friend a few days ago that revolved around this issue. She claims to be in search of the perfect man. During our chat, she whined and complained about the people that she was surrounded by. She said she has always attracted Mr. Wrongs and didn’t want to be bothered with that kind of man anymore. So instead of making the same mistake over and over again, this time she was going to stand strong until she found Mr. Perfect.

She then began to list all the qualities her ideal man was supposed to have. He had to be of a certain social status, physical build, career driven, “no baggage” (previous marriage and kids) awesome in bed, etc. The list went on for another 5 minutes! She was tired of constantly having to deal with the same ole man doing the “same-ole-thing”.

After listening, I felt frustrated for her. She had a very specific man that she wanted to satisfy her needs, and placed a high price on those needs. I can definitely understand the will to be specific in what someone may want. There are plenty of choices and selections out there, but I question the depth of her “needs”.

When you become consumed with the material goods of a person, that’s all that you will see. They may not have the best car, the latest phone, or the biggest apartment. They could have mental issues, have a criminal record, or horrible credit. Does that really mean that you have to close yourself out from talking with them? I believe that everyone has something that they can look toward and find. In relationships, you must be communicative and willing to grow to make things work. Don’t expect a person to have the highest scores in all the areas you want, if you don’t possess those high scores yourself.

Why place such high standards on others when you can’t follow them yourself? It’s a perplexing idea that I really don’t comprehend. I feel like I wouldn’t ask something from someone that I wouldn’t do for myself. The same applies with relationships. What if the perfect person comes along and doesn’t want you because you are not perfect yourself. Work towards a goal that is realistically attainable and move from there. Otherwise you are left looking for the perfect person which could be an incredibly long journey.



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