Watch Out For The Sharks

Sharks! A bunch of sharks they are! Out for fresh meat. They are searching for something that can satisfy them. It hardly seems to work though. They’re everywhere! Swarming around on Facebook, looking for their next killer Tweet, passing the very front of my home! Sharks!

Lately there has been an over-whelming blast of negativity sweeping through people. I have attempted to stay away from them, but it has been difficult. Friends that use to be a great motivation are now like pest. Co-workers ready to spit venom at the site of a fellow worker succeeding. No one wants to own up to their portion of the negativity so it just flies around in the air, poisoning one person after the other. I wonder why so many people feel like it is ok engorge themselves on negativity.

I cannot live with it. I do not want to deal with these impending waves of negativity. I have discovered how to take responsibility for my actions, but I do not have the strength for others. Some people get into situations when they don’t realize how negative they are until someone else mentions it to them. This is understandable and something that can be worked with. But for masses of people to willingly accept a high level of negativity into their lives as they do now is madness. Why would you want to talk badly about your friend? What do you get from making another person suffer? Does that bring a sense of happiness to you? I just don’t get it.

Thus in my frustrations I have decided to leave it all behind. If people are too blind-sided to notice the harmful actions that they commit, I cannot deal with them. I will leave this shark frenzy alone. I am human. I know that I cannot play with sharks. They are dangerous and I must step away.

Talk to me.

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