Present times pass by as future goals live on. As we live on, time has a way of making our values drag. People that used to be happy became sad. Some that attained great poverty, mastered greedy wealth. The road that people take, may lead to many different areas of life.

Lately I have been wondering why there seems to be so many blockages in my path to happiness. I feel like I have positive intentions, reinforced from years of kindness. As time waddles past me, I notice that there has been an increased amount of negativity in my life. I don’t know why exactly that is, but it persists. In order to keep myself from becoming any more distracted, I must become bold.

Boldness is a relative thing. Don’t think that you must act like anyone else. For me, being bold promotes a higher level of energy. My actions should be felt as a positive force wanting to grow and help others. Keeping this in mind ensures that I don’t do anything that may disadvantage someone else.

I don’t want to be labeled bold based on what others think they know. I want to be bold through enlightenment and action. My actions today stand as a path to take tomorrow. It doesn’t make sense to lay weak foundation and create levels on the same space. The buildings placed on the lot will sink and bulge.

I have chosen several paths that will potentially lead to wonderful things. Anything that prevents me from attaining those wonderful things will not be accepted.  Thus I have to make sure that my actions are bold and strong and capable of supporting infrastructure.


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