Love’s Heart

Love has a heart of its own. It was created in its image just as our own heart is. There are many different levels to what love is and what it can be. Lately I have been asking myself if people know what true love really is. We all like to think that we know what love is when we experience it, but before coming to the conclusion, we must question. I have several friends who are struggling with the concept of love.

I do not see “love” between a lots of people now-a-days; I see “like”.  Love is unconditional, supportive, understanding, omnipresent, and a plethora of other categories.  When experienced, love has the capabilities of fusing two people into one. Yet I question why I see so much anger, hurt, pain, and grief.  When I see couples walking, they smile and talk like they love, but separately act hatefully towards one another. There is little appreciation and happiness.

I believe that love is exchanged, but never lost. It changes in what is shown for the day, but not how it is felt. People have become so confused about the power of love. Others, who have been burned from a hard relationship, pass that pain onto the next person that they are with.  It is a harsh circle of pain and heartache. People must learn that love works in the most mysterious of ways at times. Those who have experienced must ask themselves truthfully, “Can I conquer the shell that love has surrounded around itself?”

Be open, honest, and receptive to the power of love and its place in your heart. If you’re not ready for a new outtake on love, don’t jump into it. Take your time and do things right (not right now). Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses and be willing to grow. Love has placed a shell over its heart to prevent itself from being hurt by others again.

One response to “Love’s Heart

  1. True love never runs out. The more we give, the more receive.

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