The Gift of Therapy Mixtape

Everybody in the streets are doing the Gully Creepa. While I watched a change in you. I forget who I am. Fearing nothing, I move on. I have to live long today. Why does everything turn out the same? Sometimes it gives me excuses for my lows. But don’t worry baby, we’ll be alright. It’s more a question of will power, self discipline, and circumstances. It’s all levels. I will have to come to realize nothing but standards, nothing but imitations.

There are a few beliefs to live by through music:
Understand what you know.
Appreciate what you hear.
Force out the toughest of things.
No Matter What, Grow Stronger.

Define a (Nu) genre of music. A (Nu) way that people can understand themselves and the world. Music gives the gift of listening. I listened and found love.

Talk to me.

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