Next Stage Butterfly

There’s always something that we seem to hold on to for dear life.  For some, it’s a material object which they have bound themselves to via years of desire and emotion.  For others  it’s a mental path that has been taken and keeps them safe.  When stripped to the core, we are left with a conglomerate of thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and goods.  This conglomerate acts as a definition of who we are.  Everyone has reasons for wanting to hold onto a particular thought or act.  The question poised here is, what do you do when that core thought or action prevents you from growing to your potential?

Stability is what we look for.  We are a creature of habit.  Constantly making minor changes to the person that we are.  As these continue on, we experience more.  We use these thoughts about life as a cocoon that protects us from the unknown.  While this is good for some occasions, it is harmful in others.  At this junction, one should objectively look at themselves and make some decisions.

Take notice of your goals and aspirations.  Make sure that the ideas you hold onto synchronize with your goals.  If something doesn’t work, you have to decide if it is worth holding on to.  You should understand that you are the only person that can prevent yourself from falling prey to undesirable habits and thoughts.  It’s best to shed anything that may potentially prevent you from attaining your goals.  You don’t want to make life any more difficult then it may be.

Be your own guide.  Take time to understand why you feel and act certain ways.  When it’s time to metamorphose into the next level of life, don’t hold on to things that hinder your growth.  Life truly begins when the butterfly realizes without a cocoon it can live.


2 responses to “Next Stage Butterfly

  1. Hmm. But people don’t like change. How can people resistant to change be the best butterflies they can be?

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