Party’n Life

I’ve had my share of wild times. These tales are forever bleached into my pores. They give me something to hold onto and remember. There are also those times that I wish never occurred. Mistakes taken at the wrong time during the night, may lead to devastating angst the following morning. Ahhh the good ole’ hangover… There’s something about partying that makes my body shutter. Something written into my spirit’s molecules that say’s “Love the dance! Make new friends! Enjoy!”

A buzzing rhythm beating in my ears is an ecstatic feeling. I love the music as the music loves me. Parties are great. They truly are. They make me feel connected to the world in such different manners at times.  Good music + strong drinks + great vibes + cool people = AN AMAZING TIME! Let’s not forget dressing to impress! Parties have always been a way for me to express myself. Sometimes it is a relief to go out and dance until my legs buckle under the weight of the wind. Other times it is to drown out the sorrows of the day. But there is always a reason for my partying.

I want life to be a party. Whether I’m pushing to break the sound barrier or dragging a memory from the ground, it calms me. It seduces my inner being and makes me want further happiness. Life is what you make it and I wish for mine to be filled with fun. The path you take tomorrow guides to further to the next adventure.  Realistically I can’t go to a party every day, but I wan
t to bring the idea of partying to life every day. I want to be able to embrace the new day like it’s about to be an awesome party filled with the most interesting experiences.

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