Turn To The Mirror

I am in a quest to find my original self. Lately I have been seeing my thoughts or beliefs displayed through other people’s behavior. This provided a way for me to analyze portions of myself. But as this grew on, I started to feel as though all the things that made me unique were another way to group me together. Using art to express myself to the world, I have embarked on a personal path of tattooing. While I see this as a work of art, others seem to think of it as no more than a doodle scrap paper. When I see other people with identical tattoos, it sets a standard for tattooing.  This doesn’t seem to be very high any more.

Really what makes anyone unique or original anymore? I guess it is not what shirt I wear, but how I wear that shirt.  I should be proud and embrace that which I have decided on my own. I have to take time to understand what thoughts are really my own.  Inception has been cast upon me so many times, that my head bangs from the pressure of others. Yet I must still stay rooted in the belief in myself. I have to believe that I choose this look for myself because this is what felt right, not “right-now”.

The struggle for originality can be rough for many of us. Make sure to feel original in your environment.  Whether it is the perfect hair style, best voice in the group, or business package.

You want to feel original for your environment. We should never forget that our bodies are our temples. It should be loved, oiled down, and gutted when necessary for preservation. Look into the mirror and love what you see because there is only one you. There is a piece of my originality.

Talk to me.

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