Live In The Now

We want to think that we have control over everything; our life, love, goals, fears, etc. We spend countless hours debating over possible futures and reliving pasts. Planning requires thought, time, and energy.  But we have lost touch of the here, now, and present.

We should exist in the moment because that is all we have.

How do you reconnect in the present? Take a couple of seconds to appreciate your placement in the world. If you are with someone, enjoy the time that you have together. That means keeping your phone hidden. Phones take away from the interaction. Actively be a part of the person and the space. Focus your energy on listening, responding, and speaking. Stay connected, I guarantee that your time will become more valuable to both you and the other person.

Stop, Breath, and Listen to your Heart.

Otherwise, what’s the purpose of being around someone if you aren’t going to pay attention to them? We can’t avoid making some distinctions in plans, but don’t be anal about it. Our thoughts and actions constantly change to meet situations as we see fit. This makes is nearly impossible to plan out everything. As a personal guide, when I feel like I have done too much planning for something, I stop, take a break, and move on to something else. If it really needs to be planned more, then it will come up again. Find out what works best for you.

Go for the gold and live in the moment.


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3 responses to “Live In The Now

  1. Very nice website, thanks for share this article with us

  2. Proud of you! I’m so glad i’ve “met” you, and i can’t wait to actually meet you! That’s a great idea about wtriing down when you want to eat when emotional!

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