Hurricane of Emotion

Massive storms of emotions have been bombarding me lately.  They seemingly crash upon me and my once fertile crescent.  These waves of power wash into thousands of my parched pores, cracked from months of unharvested feelings.  Before I was a desert, I was an plentiful field.  A field that extended as far as the eye could see.  Walk through and you could find that I had all to offer. Plenty of love, warmth, and support.  Now, there is hardly anything of value for most.  All people see is the life that once existed and the cracks that grow longer.

My core still exists.  The core of emotion and love that is largely unexplored.  It exists in the hard to reach place.  Far, far away from the slashing winds of the storm.  In my attempt to run from my oncoming decay, I retreat to a deep space.  This trampled grove has become my temple due to years of painful treks.

A barren Eden I would say.  Even though my skin has long changed, I know that life still exists. More emotions will present themselves.  When they do, I must nurture and learn from them.  This will provide me with sustenance and allow me to become green and full.

Talk to me.

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