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For New York fashion week, many designers emerged encapsulating elegance, creativity, and fresh concepts within their designs. However, during iFashion Network Fashion Week only two emerged setting a new standard for all new designers looking to break into the industry. Lebanese born designer Ghassan Yazbeck along with Brazilian designer Lourdinha Noyama were showcased and hosted at Atrium on February 14 during Valentine’s Day. The show featured a stew of esteemed guest and fashion elites, filling chairs in the front row sat international designers, photographers, editors and fashionistas of all styles.

Ghassan Yazbeck was the first featured designer for the show.  This designer definitely created a series of strong looks.  Ghassan brought a modernistic feel to the runway using a combination of embroidered fabric, solid colors, and patterned pieces.  There was an array of red, purple, white, and black.  There were several tailored coats and dresses that were beautifully executed to fit the models.   Ghassan clearly made clothing with the sophisticated woman in mind.  While he reinterprets the classic dress and adding further depth to it, Ghassan has presented a signature theme that is sure to catch the eyes of many others.

Lourdinha Noyama was the next designer on the runway.  This was sheer elegance through evening dresses.  Many of her items were dresses that accentuated the female body.  Noyama used many shades of tan, natural colors, and gold.  She also worked with a lot of natural fibers and lace.  Each piece had a unique mini story of its own.  Noyama’s collection of dresses has a strong seductive poise about them.  The collection played off of Noyama’s Brazilian heritage and lifestyle.

– Carlton Rolle

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