don’t look away

I’m only what you see.
A vision of a brighter you, realized through me.
We haven’t much time to understand this concept.
So I guess I will flood you with the love that I know.
The love that I have.
The love that will grow.

Can you dig it?
That hole in which this all will grow.
Will you stand ground as life flows through space?

Nawww I don’t know.
Sometimes you see something else that I am.
Something outside of you.
It is frightening, I bet.
Seeing something so pure, something you don’t understand.
Open yourself and immerse into what lies behind the closed door.

Can you lock it?
Keep this tight?
And cherish the gift of what’s supposed to be life?

I surely hope so.

Just don’t look away.
Go forward.

Talk to me.

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