Sugarcakes, I’ve arrived!
I’ve arrived from an old journey lost in decades of confusion.
Beaten by the times, lectured by the ages, and used by the era.
I don’t know what I will do or who will do it to me.
Sugarcakes, you must understand.
I have been gone far too long.
I don’t know what is modern or ancient.
These days are a mess and it worries me.
But I have arrived Sugarcakes.
Tumbling through a sea of dreary slush fermented over joy.
“Over the meadow and through the woods, to ancestor’s house we go.”
Is it something like that right?
Sugarcakes, this journey has made me strong.
Incomprehensible to many including myself at times.
I know what it is.
I know what must be done.
Sugarcakes, I must be gone from you.

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